Turn Web Browsing into an Integrated Experience

Clients can empower and enable their entire organizations to effectively and accurately leverage content in a holistic and localized way.

Razorfish Platforms' Web Experience Management solutions include:

  1. Experience-Driven Commerce
  2. Multi-Site/Multi-Channel Migration
  3. Multi-Channel Analytics & Insights

In addition, we provide Enterprise Content Management solutions and our long-term Buldoser content migration solution.

1. Experience-Driven Commerce

We specialize in a Content + Commerce approach to enable immersive experiences where customers can interact and transact within rich content. Learn more here

2. Multi-site/Multi-channel Migration

Razorfish Platforms enables enterprise clients to think global and deliver local. Founded on content management (CM), Razorfish Platforms has led the way for Fortune 500 and Global 2000 companies seeking to maximize content creation, management, publishing, and analytics.

An early partner with Day CQ before it was acquired by Adobe, Razorfish Platforms has the largest certified Adobe Experience development team in the country. Ranked as a leader by Forrester and Gartner, Adobe has invested in a single suite of solutions aligned with internal marketing and design teams, allowing for the creation of personalized customer experiences.

Razorfish Platforms starts by helping companies plan and enact successful transitions of older systems to more advanced, multi-channel content and experience-driven platforms. Strategic insights in the industry and in platform capabilities allow us to provide an unbiased assessment of vendors in the web experience space.

Next, we migrate entire web content management (WCM) systems to more advanced platforms. We can also enhance and improve existing functionality for feature-rich engagement. Creating a web experience that’s targeted, 1:1, and personalized can take many forms. Below are a few our team is prepared to handle:

  • Full WCM migrations and upgrades
  • Digital Asset Management (DAM) design and implementation
  • Development of existing WCM systems to enhance functionality and elevate customer experience through enterprise search, social communities, and web applications
  • Authorship optimization to extend support to the business processes around the creation, review, and approval of digital assets
  • Multi-screen approach
  • Responsive design strategy
  • Integrations with key marketing, analytics, CRM, and campaign technologies

3. Multi-Channel Analytics & Insights

You can’t measure what you can’t manage. We enable brands to build and iterate experiences based on data-driven insights.

Our team helps evolve our clients’ KPIs to make sense of web channel performance. We excel at the critical integrations needed for a complete view of digital traffic from search and shop, to social to digital messaging, to service and CRM.

We deliver the campaign, test and target strategies and enablement that reinforce our clients’ marketing planning and campaign execution.

As a leading Adobe partner, we leverage the entire Adobe suite in conjunction with other key analytics applications for real-time and historical insights.

The Message Matters

Marketers understand the importance of effective communication. It is especially vital when understanding, interpreting, and making recommendations throughout an enterprise. Razorfish Platforms provides visual dashboarding solutions based on your KPIs and environment. Personalized solutions make decision-making and consensus-building more effective.

We excel at coaching and training marketing, strategy, business unit, and technology teams so that good data can be leveraged as a course of business.

Close the Loop & Create the Legacy

Razorfish Platforms integrates analytics with key workflows within campaigns and with historical CRM. This creates a closed loop that enables exponential improvements, both throughout campaigns and on a 1:1 basis, creating a lifetime of value for your customers through smarter, more appropriate interaction.

Learn more about Razorfish Platforms’ successes or contact us today to discuss your web experience vision.


Companies and consumers alike are hungry for integrated web experiences. An appetite for the right content, on any device, and at any time has ushered a shift from web content management to web experience management. Razorfish Platforms enables web experience management across all channels and across the globe.