Your best customers want more from you. Sometimes “more” means an easier shopping experience, lower prices, or greater selection. But for many, the new “more” is rich information, insight and immersion. Razorfish Platforms creates and delivers highly interactive experiences that provide a never-before-capable digital experience. Customers have the ability to engage with content to search, see, shop, and share with fewer clicks.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video’s worth at least a million. Watch this video to see Experience-Driven Commerce in action.

While typical commerce and brand experiences follow a structured navigation, Experience-Driven Commerce tells stories that guide interactions. Transactions (purchases, sharing) happen within the story. The user isn’t leaving great content to view a shopping cart. The user isn’t forced from social sites to brand sites or vice versa. Instead, a connected Commerce + Content technical solution shows up as a highly personal and engaging experience, which then triggers shopping and sharing.

Experience-Driven Commerce is an alternative to standard, gridded commerce. And it allows customer to interact with you like never before.

Stop Telling. Start Selling.

Razorfish Platforms's Experience-Driven Commerce solution is an ingenious way for companies to story sell– yes, story sell – by enabling rich, interactive sales embedded within innovative content. Companies like Fresh, Bobbi Brown, Herman Miller, and David Yurman are delivering these rich brand interactions with connected content and commerce solutions. Change the conversation from price to value by creating remarkable Content + Commerce experiences that get your customers buying and talking, again and again.

Stop the Price Race to the Bottom

Competitive price pressure and mega-eTailers are straining every commerce category. Fight back with Experience-Driven Commerce that captivates customers.

Consumer savvy, advanced hardware, high-speed connectivity, and rich omni-channel applications are enabling businesses to unite rich content with advanced commerce to create new ways to promote and sell from within content and communities.

hybris + Adobe = Experience Enablement

Razorfish Platforms created the winning formula for enabling experience-driven commerce with strategic technology partners hybris and Adobe.

Adobe has an integrated suite of marketing cloud solutions and is a leader in web experience management for Adobe CQ and analytics with SiteCatalyst. Adobe offers a host of marketing software centered on connecting online brands with customers.

hybris is ranked as a leader by Forrester & Gartner in B2B and B2C eCommerce and is driving a shift from multi-channel to Omni-Commerce, offering a complete and integrated package of eCommerce software solutions.

Razorfish Platforms has done more than partner with two leaders. It is enabling brands to disrupt the competition by shifting focus away from products, and onto the consumer.

Razorfish Platforms is a Gold Partner with hybris and is one of the only partners to connect hybris with an existing content management solution in a live production environment. Our customer experience practice with marketing, design, and UX experts allows us to deliver complete Experience-Driven Commerce, backed by two industry leaders.

In addition to traditional eCommerce experiences, Razorfish Platforms changes the game for its clients by providing an alternative customer path: we call it Experience-Driven Commerce.